An innovative way of 
listening to music to activate the Subconscious
to achieve mental and emotional fitness

Watch the video below to see the exact strategy you can use:

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What You Get in Our Course

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What Some of Our Customers Are Saying

I used to cry a lot. Always sad and troubled. Now, no more tears. I am a calm and happy woman.

The negative thoughts are gone. Now I only think positively and look forward to enjoying every moment.

Yesterday was a big test. I came out of three different bad situations unscathed. I was calm and confident.

Things are finally working in my favor. The Subconscious for Mental Fitness works like magic. I am glad I found you.

Shane Melaugh, 

I am in the middle of week 4.

Overall, a sense of inner peace.

My relationship with my daughter is much better now. Plenty of hugs, spontaneous and real hugs I mean.

I can handle her negative comments much better than before. They don’t disturb me like they used to. I get over the incident and move on. Many thanks.

Shane Melaugh, 

I finished the first week. The feeling of calmness is overwhelming.

A surge of self-confidence. No longer hesitant and apprehensive. Now I sleep 4 hours only and get up full of energy. I used to sleep 8 hours and wake up tired and hardly able to go about my business.

Dramatic changes indeed and I just started the course.


Shane Melaugh, 

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Shane Melaugh, 

Thank you Mr. Ibrahim for your training course. I am the headmaster of a school with over 1500 students. Before I did the course, every school day took a toll on me physically, mentally and emotionally.

Now everything has changed 180 degrees.

I am very patient, open to criticism and very active. I face the daily problems and worries with laughter. When I go home I leave all school matters behind and enjoy quality time with my wife and children. Something I couldn’t do before.

You have turned my life around.

Thank you very much

Shane Melaugh, 


Activating the subconscious has enhanced my memory. Now I memorize more vocabulary in less time. The orders I give to the subconscious are carried out at once. The classroom was freezing cold a few days back .So I asked the subconscious to make me feel warm. Amazingly, minutes later my cold hands and my whole body were warm.

Another order was to eat a lot.

The following day I had an insatiable appetite. I ate a big breakfast and still felt hungry. The same happened at lunch and dinner time. I then decided to give the opposite order, to eat less, and sure enough I was eating less at every meal and feeling satisfied. Simply amazing how the subconscious controls the body.

Shane Melaugh, 

I am in week 5. Complete calm. The bursts of anger and anxiety have diminished.

Now I have this beautiful and relaxing inner feeling that I cannot explain.

Thank you for this wonderful program.

Shane Melaugh, 

I finished week 5. Major changes in my mood. Now I laugh more, crack up jokes.

I am very patient and tolerant. My family and friends have noticed the changes. I cannot wait to see the results when I finish program.

Shane Melaugh, 

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